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Are you here because you haven’t got a job yet OR you are worried of being jobless in the future. In either case we assure you that you will get one. Engineering jobs are easy to get but for this you must be better than those competing with you or at least you should not be shy to pretend that you are better. Yeah exactly you read it right, just pretend that you are better.

Find your dream engineering jobs
Engineer Says

The job engineers do in different areas can be learnt in a short period of time, they do not work what you think they do. I mean they are not what we see in the movies. Engineering jobs do not need super intelligent beings, they need us and we are dumb as fu** but still they need us.

While interviewing the candidates they do not have enough time to waste hours on each applicant. They just make sure that the guy they are looking for is fit for the job and that totally depends on how you can impress them.

Without wasting your time let’s begin what you have to do for engineering jobs:

Build attractive Resumes:

I said resumes not resume. For each company you wish to get a job should have a different resume which must have the things that they want. Put extra stuff there related to the job. For example if you have applied for management job and in your CV/resume you didn’t mention anything about management but have mentioned many other extra stuff no matter how good you are at them, they will simply be not interested in you.

Get a high GPA:

 You might have heard that GPA doesn’t matter. It might be true for some but to make sure you are not rejected because of your GPA. How painful would it be if you are told “sorry you are not eligible”? Getting a high GPA doesn’t mean you must day and night for it. There are many other ways to have a good GPA if you know what I mean.

At the end of the day I promise they won’t ask you to solve a complex engineering problem for them to get a job.

Get Some Extra Courses Certificates:

Related to your field search about courses that can help you get a job easily. There are a lot of free and paid courses available on the internet that can help you achieve this. To be honest I think it is must if you want to get engineering jobs short after your graduation. You can do it during your graduation as well but if you have not done it don’t worry, you can do it now.

Look for a Reference:

It will be so helpful if you find someone that works in the same company where you wish to get your job. Have good relations with him/her and try to understand what the environment is over there and how you should act in front of the board by understanding their likes and dislikes. A short story of mine when I applied for college scholarship. I found that the chairman loves football but hates Messi from the core of his heart and he was interviewing us. So during interview a got time to explain my favorite game and tada I expressed my hatred toward Messi (though I like him very much). This helped me get a scholarship for the whole year.

Get Some Experience:

Nowadays most of the companies look for applicants who have some experience. You should try to have some experience not only engineering jobs related but also in some non-engineering fields as well. Get experience in internships. Make sure you get a certificate from them. For experience if you have to work unpaid, I would say do it.

Do not get disappointed:

I have seen many people who were worth nothing but are now earning thousands weekly. This is because of the one open secret and that is NOT TO GIVE UP. The only person who lose is the one who quits.

Learn from the past experience:

 Find people and have conversation with them about the process of the engineering jobs in a certain company etc. Discuss how he get there, what are the dos and don’ts, what they really need and stuff like this. If you have been rejected from somewhere don’t forget to get feedback from them as it will help you to improve in the next events.

Put your dream job a second priority:

Many of you must be like, whaaaaat???? But I would be like yessssss…. Look the reality is if you are good enough in a field doesn’t mean you are the best and when you are not the best chances are that the best will replace you and when this happens you will be shattered, won’t you? I didn’t say stop pursuing your dream job rather I want to say just don’t stick to it only. Do not limit yourself just for one job when you can get other jobs easily. Wait for your dream job.

These are a few steps to get engineering jobs but what if I tell you that keep the job a second priority? Yes why doing work for others, why not they work for you? Exactly. But how… For the answer read our other articles related to this.

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