Information System 8 Leading Jobs and What Skills are Required to Get them

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Information System 8 Leading Jobs and What Skills are Required to Get them

Information technology is one of the rapidly-growing fields today. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this sector are estimated to be rapidly growing in 2024.

This is considered to be a good opportunity for students. The good news for you to get an education in this field.

Because the maximum of jobs in this field is well paid with many extra benefits, for me it’s most desirable among the careers today. Here I will explain to you a few hottest information technology jobs which are currently available,

Application Analyst

Also known as an application support analyst, is an information technology expert who is responsible for supporting a giving application, maintaining its services, and deal with the customer.

They should have skills to examine problems facing by app users and modify the application properly. Their responsibilities also include ensuring the integrity, functionality, and safety of the app while making sure it consistently works smoothly by resolving any issue as soon as possible.

Skills required for application analyst include a great knowledge related to different computer programming languages and expertise in different varieties of computer software.

For this profession, a bachelor degree in information technology or computer science is usually required.

Cybersecurity Analyst

The responsibility of Cybersecurity analyst is to observe computer networks for security issues, which is to protect an organization essential information and computer networks from criminal activities. Cybersecurity analyst continuously observes the computer network to check security breaches, and their responsibility is to capture proper countermeasures whenever a warning is detected. They also guide new employees in information security and best practices.

The cyber warfare is continuously progressing, therefore, the basic skill for this career is adaptability to change. How you can become the cyber analyst.

The education and qualification of cyber security analyst must be very expanded and balanced, generally starting with a bachelor degree in computer science or programming, and training in information security.

Data Analyst

From small business to large firms dependent on data to drive their business, and that data must be accurate. Because from these data the decision is making and if the data are accurate will leads to a better decision. Data usually come from marketing, sales, inventory management, logistics management, production, and manufacturing, etc.

Here the responsibility of data analyst is to make sense from these data steer the company decision toward goals. For example how much investment for advertisement, how much discount should be for the product.

You need a bachelor degree in the field of statistics, math or computer science and information system to be a data analyst. Additionally, you must have strong analytical and critical skills.

Data Scientist

This an occupation which is more close to the data analyst, a certain degree of creativity is needed for data scientist because they are more geared toward leadership.

On the other hand, data analyst are responsible for solving problems caused by business teams. The responsibility of data scientist has to formulate the questions that would drive organization business. Also, the data scientist must transform data in the story of business using a directional approach.

Salary of the data scientist is a little bit more than the data analyst, but he/she must have secondary knowledge advanced field such as programming and machine learning. Also, it’s an upper-level job perhaps master degree is required but long term growth.

Information Architect

The professionals of this profession provide a positive users experience, interacting with the information structure of software or website application, as fine and accessible as possible. Here expert’s emphases are on new technologies that can enhance user experience before and after a website is made. And after testing the usability of the actual product to make it more actionable.

An Information Architect coordinate information and design strategies using data from usability testing on how users interact with a company’s communications systems.

For this occupation, multiple skills are required so many expertise need to combine to be simply approachable for platforms, such as web development, technical writing, creativity, and graphic design.

You as an Information Architects must have an additional skill to convert user behavior into media structure produce workflow diagrams, craft interactive experiences, and other production materials, as well as organize information into site maps, to name few job duties.

Project Manager

The project manager manages humans and technical resources to fulfill the organization goal with minimum cost (within budget) and time. Must have experienced in many technical fields to schedule and monitor big projects with the management of human and resources management. The professionals must have highly experienced with the responsibility of the planning and execution of a project.

The top skills for a project manager are development and tracking budget, coaching, staffing, supervision, Management, and verbal communication.

For this job a bachelor degree in management or business is generally required but after experienced obtained a master degree.

Business Intelligence Consultant

In information system sectors the business intelligence consultant has the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Their duties are to help businesses with the collection, organizing, and use of computerized data. And analyzing existing systems and install new software that can measure the efficiency of all process and uses this information to enhance business efficiency.

This profession is more advanced as compared to data analyst and scientist and it doesn’t have activities of the data collection process, it only transforming this information into real benefits.

This job requires multiple skills include coding system, analyzing data, understanding statistics. The goal of this profession is big and have an idea of how a company needs to be successful.

For this job, multiple bachelor degrees and master in information technology, statistics, math, business administration or business intelligence are usually required.

Systems Analyst

System analyst or computer system analyst are professional who investigates the organization existing computer system and procedure and then found the best solution of how to optimize their performance and efficiency. They are accountable to suggest a strategic change and updates which may decrease cost and increase the profits efficiently and productivity.

Strong knowledge of information systems is required, so a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer system analysis or information technology is required. However, a broader education that also includes a master’s degree in business intelligence or business administration is usually preferable. A 21 percent growth has been predicted in the next 10 years.

For this job extensive knowledge of information, the system is required so at least the major bachelor degrees such as computer science, computer system analysis or IT is compulsory. For an advanced education and at best position of high authorities master degree in business intelligence or business is usually preferable.

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