Manual Assembly lines

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Now a days most of the products are assembled or we can say they are produce by assembly process.they are usualy made by manual assembly line.In manual assembly line multiple operation are perform on a part in single line.the worker perform an operation manually on a part to produce a single product.
there are certain factor which make the use of manual assembly line favorable.

  • when the demand of the product is high or medium then we preferred manual assembly line.
  • when the same type of product are required than we use manual assembly line.
  • when the total work required is larger and it need to be divided in small elements than we go for the manual assembly line.
  • economically and technologically,it does not make a sense to operate the whole assembly line automatically so our choice go for the manual assembly line.

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Why manual assembly line are so much productive as compared to alternative methods???

In alternative methods multiple labor are performing a different task to assemble a task but it is not so much productive as compared to manual assembly line.there are some characteristic which make the manual assembly line more recommendable for assembly operation.

  • specification of worker: In manual assembly line ,specific task is assign to the worker and with the time worker become a specialized in that task.this phenomenon can be better explain with the leaning curve.
  • interchangeable part: In manual assembly line each part are made interchangeable,mean the part are made with some sort of tolerance so that they can assemble easily,otherwise assembly of part will required filling and fitting of a matting component which will make the assembly operation impractical.
  • work principle: Every assembly line has work principle,according which they work and perform assembly line operation.
  • line pacing: In manual assembly line, the line is continuously moving with some certain speed or pace and the worker is required to complete a operation on a part in a specific time that is assign for them.this phenomenon is called line pacing.   

Manual Assembly workstations

manual assembly line is a production line in which a sequence of workstations is establish near production line to perform a task by human worker.product are assembled and they moved in  line,so there for workstation in manual assembly line is made along the work flow way at which one or more worker is performing a task on a job.job represent a small portion of a work element that are assembled to form a final product. workstations also includes a tools it may be manual or powered tools.some workstation are developed in worker is allow to stand,this case is commenly use in production of cars,trucks and for some major application where worker need to move along production line, workstation where the product is move by conveyor at constant velocity through the station,worker is allowed to sit.

Manual Assembly Work Transport System

there are two types of transport system which are used in manual assembly line to accomplish the movement of work in it.these are manual method and mechanized method.both methods provides a fixed path for the product and product is moved in same sequence.
 In manual method transport work element is move from station to station by hands.two problems are created with this type of method that is starving and blocking.starving is the situation in which the one workstation complete complete the task assign to it but other part is not reach and it is waiting for the part .blocking is occurred when there imbalance distribution of time assigning assessment between the workstations. 
In mechanized work transport system,powered tools like conveyor and other material handling equipment are used to handle a movement of work element in manual assembly line.these transport system can be design to provide paced or un-paced operation of the line.

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