Quality Definitions, Dimensions of Quality and Its Improvement?

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Quality in the modern world is a very critical aspect of the business. Every organization has a quality department which inspects and test the product to improve the quality. In this tutorial, I will go over the definition of qualities, as it has several definitions, Dimension of quality and how you can improve the quality.

Quality is related to the one or more desirable characteristic of the product or services that fulfill the requirement or meet the standard.

But this definition of quality is useful at the starting point the more precise definition is

Quality has become one of the most important consumer decision factors in selection among competitive products and services. Understanding the meaning of the quality help in leading the business and enhancing the position in competition in marketing. Quality is a key factor in leading the business, marketing and at the top position in the competition.


According to the above dimension of quality. The quality is the multifaceted entity so the quality may have several definitions.


                                                Quality means fitness for use


Two general aspects of fitness quality of design and quality of conformance



In the company, all the goods are produced in high variety and grades. These variation in goods and grades are intentional and consequently, the appropriate technical term is the quality of design.

All automobiles have the basic function of providing safe transportation for the consumer but the automobiles are different with respect to the size, appointments, appearance, and performance. These difference are the results of intention design difference between types of automobiles.

Quality books are majorly studied in industrial and system engineering. If you are an industrial engineer you can be head of the Quality department in any organization. If you are interested to study the basics of industrial engineering read this. 


The quality of conformance is how the products or services meet the design specification or industry standard. The deviation may be from the following reasons

Manufacturing process..  is the process need improvement to achieve the standard.

Operators..  is operators need training

Inspection activities.. is the inspection activities and equipment are used in the standard situation.


But unfortunately, this definition is mostly associated with the quality of conformance. Because the variation from the standard is naturally. The products may seem the same but there must have a difference if measure with precise equipment’s. Also, it leads to much focus on the specifications rather than customers.


The modern definition of quality is ‘Quality is inversely proportional to variability’.

This definition has one basis if the variation in the products goods decrease the quality of the product increase. If the variation in the important characteristics of products decrease the quality is increasing.

Dimensions of Quality

The quality of the product or services can be the judge in several ways is called the dimension of the quality. These dimensions of quality have an excellent discussion about the quality by Gravin (1987).


The performance of the quality is related whether the product or services are able to do the standard job. The potential customer always judges a product or services to determine if it will perform the intended function. Your customer can be attracted to your product and service with this dimension of quality.

If water machine is designed to work over the voltage range of 1000V to 1100V. If the machine does not perform satisfactorily in this range that’s mean its quality of performance is poor.

If it can work efficiently in this range it means the quality of performance is good.


Reliability of quality is the consistency of performance of overtime that how much time it takes time to fail. Some complex products have specific service life such as Automobile, Airplanes after service life need repair. If the Automobile requires the occasional repair product or services are reliable but if it requires frequent repair the product is unreliable.


The durability of the product is able to stay in good condition for a long time and after using a lot. It includes repair time. This is the effective service life of the product every customer want product services to have a performance satisfactorily over a long period of time.


It involves the resolution of the problem that how easily it to repair the product or service. In many industries, the consumer is interested in how quickly and economically the products or services need repair and maintenance. Involve hoe much time the product needs to be replaced.


Perception is about the company, organization credit history of the company that has attractive products. Usually, marketing is depending on the perception of the company. If the new company have the quality more but have no perception is to have no marketing as compare to the company have perception. Compare the perception and marketing of my phone and Samsung.


Quality is customer satisfaction and dimension of quality

                                                                                Look to the Quality Here

It involves the product or service look from the exterior called the sensory characteristics. This dimension of quality is the visual appeal of the product involve style, color, tactile characteristics, and other sensory effects.

7)      FEATURE

Customer usually associated with the products having high quality and added features. Features are related to the secondary features in product or services. This dimension of quality can be studied in marketing. Secondary features should be added in products or services if competitive did not add.


Conformance is related to how the products or services meet the specification and industry standard. Every industry and consumer in quality related to conformance. If the products or services do not meet the specification. The cause may be in the manufacturing process, operators, materials these deviations are then eliminated in the control charts.

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement can be defined as the reduction of variability in the important characteristics of the products and services. Quality improvement is the reduction in variation of the products and services. Excess variability is the waste if we reduce the waste the quality is improved.

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