SDLC Phases With Examples- Software Development Life Cycle Phases

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SDLC Phases With Examples- Software Development Life Cycle Phases

Software development life cycle also stands (SDLC), is one of the well defined properly structured frameworks which are being used by software engineers to build a complete software project.

Software development life cycle contains step by step procedure for the development of a complete project. SDLC also contain detailed briefing and documentation of the proposed system which is going to develop through different processes so that’s why it is also called a software development process. 

One of the important questions which caused by every software engineer is that why is the software development life cycle is important?  

Well, SDLC as its features and advantages to using in the software development process this importance are:

1. Breakdown of the Complete Software Development Process

One of the best importance or you can say the advantage of using SDLC it is that it completely breakdown the whole project into several different parts. Now it’s become easy to achieve every single part with the milestone, buy this breakdown in different parts it will give a positive and good impact on the software development process.

2. Easy to Maintain By Team Members

Another advantage of using the software development life cycle is that every team member has its own goal to achieve. Software engineers and developers only concentrate on developing, designing and other team members concentrate on other SDLC Framework elements like testing and the delivery of the software.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Phases

To design and develop a software project by efficiently and step by step SDLC breakdown into different activities these activities are:

1) Requirement Gathering and Analysis

2) Design

3) Implementation or Coding

4) Testing

5) Deployment

6) Maintenance

1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Requirement gathering and analysis is the most important phase in SDLC.

It is one of the first steps in SDLC. This first step is one of the longest phases of SDLC because it contains various other steps before starting the actual development of the project. It involves the following steps

Communication and Agreement

Communication is one of the first steps in SDLC with the client to get Desire software product requirements. IT companies and service provider are one of the first choices to develop a complete software project for the business.

Every service provider before starting any of the projects perform a service level agreement (SLA) with all of the organization team and with the client of the project.

The agreement by the blind is written to the service providing organization before starting of a complete project. If an agreement is done and then it is submitted to the team members or requirement gathering analyzer.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering is one of the lengthiest phases of SDLC which perform with discussion, meetings and by another source by the client to complete project requirements.

Requirement gathering consists of several terms which are used in further development of the company project these terms are:

  1. Gathering of functional and nonfunctional requirements.
  2. Studying existing software and find out solution and problems in the existing system.
  3. Meetings and interviews with developers users and clients for further requirements gathering.

 For Further Concept Read Examples of SDLC in Reality 

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is a next step after getting require information client, users and developers my meetings and interviews.

In this step software is analyzed and concluded there it is possible to build it and also useful for the organization as well as usage in business.

System analyses developers and other team members of the software project use algorithms procedures and other methods to conclude that either reproduction or development of this kind of software feasibility.

Software Analysis

Software analysis is the road map and planning of the proposed system. This phase is done after the feasibility study and meeting conducts by the developers and the client.

Software analysis includes some of the important steps like the scope of the project, limitation, problems and the impact on the organization.

System software analysis is also used for the study of complete business procedures and goals set by the service providers to accomplish different tasks.

2. Software Design

Software design for implementation is the actual working of the software development life cycle. This phase of the software development life cycle comes in the form of logical and physical design.

At this stage software, engineers and developers make a complete sketch of the proposed system in the form of logical and data-flow diagrams, and by other inputs for implementations.

This phase is also known as software design and architecture which is the actual initial phase of shifting problems into the solution.

SDLC Phases With Examples

3. Implementation and Coding

Implementation and coding is the programming phase of SDLC. After getting software designs and the logical and physical structure of the complete project software developers start implementation.

In this phase, the actual code is written by the programmers and developers with any computer language which can give error free executable programs and also with the coding specification.

Software developers are responsible to bring a positive output by the requirements of the customer that he needs.

For example, Ali is this software UI designer then and we must design the software according to the customer needs you to want.

4. Testing

Testing is one of the critical levels of the software development life cycle. At this level, it is assured that the program and code done by software engineers must work according to the customer requirements and it should give a positive result.

The team of developers develops a test plan which includes several test types which are done an with the passage of time.

There are several types of testing which are done during development and coding phase these types are:

  1. Quality Assurance testing (QA)
  2. System integration testing (SIT)
  3. User acceptance testing (UAT)


Testing is one of the phases where QA check if a program works according to the requirement such as if a program is giving valid or invalid input on some operation.

5. Deployment, Integration, and Implementation

After proper testing of a complete software project, it is delivered to collide with proper integration with outer world entities and with a complete database system to hold out software data.

It is completely deployed to the customer machine where it is implemented again to ensure that it will portable and adaptable with the existing system or it meets customer requirements.

6. Operation and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance phase confirm that the system is in operation and it is solving issues and give services to the customer as they required.

It is maintained an updated side by side to meet and user environment and also face different challenges like ok bugs and other problems.













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