What are the Different Types of Software in Software Engineering

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What are the Different Types of Software in Software Engineering

Types of Software

There are different types of software used in the world for specific purposes. If you are a software engineer that you must have an idea to differentiate among all software use in world. In this tutoraial, I will tell the type of software in software engineering. 

System Software

One of the main categories of software in software engineering is system software. The system software is one of the main software to run any computer system. It is software on a computer that is designed for the purpose to control and work hardware of the computer.

There are two main types of system software the operating system and the software which is installed with an operating system called utility software. This two software are typically dependent on each other and combine to work properly

Without this software, our computer system will not work properly these are compilers, editors and drivers. 

Networking and Web Application Software

Networking software is one of the software which is used to build a network for the working of software to work online. 

What are the Different Types of Software in Software Engineering 2

Networking software is aimed at the design and implementation of modern networks.  Several types of network software support the creation, calibration, and operation of networks.

This software also supports some of the web-based application and programming languages like PHP, HTML, and XML.

Business Software

Business software is that software which helps in business to maintain records, accounts and other documents.

What are the Different Types of Software in Software Engineering 3

There are varieties of business software like hospital management system, banking management system, accounts, and inventory management system, school management system and stock management markets system etc.

In organization inventory management system is controlled by SAP software, for managing data Access or any advance like SQL software are used these all are the examples of Business Softwares.

Embedded Software

Embedded software is a type of software which is directly embedded into the hardware.

This type of software is an only read-only memory(ROM) and it is the part of one of the largest system which controls others systems.

Examples of embedded software or system are washing machines, satellite systems like weather satellite, and microwave oven, etc.

This is really easy to define embedded software But you might interesting in what is real life example of Embedded Software.

Utilities Software

The utility software that is designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer and improve that computer’s performance.

Utility software is a useful kind of software which perform a specific task which is typically related to managing that system resources to maintain our system and also useful for other purposes. 

The purpose of Utility software is commonly how the pc infrastructure designs that consists of computer hardware, utility software, operating system, and information storage applications operates.

These utilities are in many varieties from a small and simple task to large and complex that can accomplish multiple tasks

Some of the function that can support by this software are data recovery,  system diagnosis, virus detection.

For example, the voice recognition system in Windows is one of the utility software along this anti-virus software is also a utility software.

Entertainment Software

What are the Different Types of Software in Software Engineering 5

Entertainment software is one of the main kind of software which gives extra fun to young children such as computer games and mapping software.

With these kinds of software, there are many other kinds of software which are developed in software engineering like scientific software, document management software, etc.

What is the Difference Between Program and Software Product

There is a huge difference between a program and a software product both of them are using on different purposes and has different features.

Here are some difference between a program and a software product in software engineering

  • A program is relatively is a set of instruction to perform a specific task while software product is a complete set of different programs work for a specific task design as a complete project.
  • A program is developed for a personal use usage developed by a single person while a software product is designed by a group of software engineers like ok software engineers teams in any firm.
  • Although a program has its own space and size they are small all in size as compared to a software product which has it’s on the size as they contain files folders in other project assets.

  • A program usually has a small size with not greater than hundred lines because of this they have no while a software product Abid well-defined documentation which contains all of the working and requirements of the software product.

  • A program can be developed with no systematic way or Without any plan but a software product has to maintain in a systematic way to organized it’s working procedures and final product.

  • A program has Limited functionality as they perform Limited functions inside or outside the computer environment while a software product has its own multilevel functionalities which can work inside and outside of the computer environment which features and options.

  • A program has no interface to interact with but it could be an interface or a command to execute but a software product has interface are there in desktop or in a web application.

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