What is Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing

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Group Technology:

What is Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing? In the manufacturing field, batch production is to be considered to be the most common and important production factor. In a united state, more than 50% of manufacturing activity are using batch production.
The world is growing day by day, with which demand of manufacturing is also touching the sky.so industries and their production system is need to improve in order to meet a demand.some improvement are made in manufacturing life that the group technology is introduced(GT).
This term is used in manufacturing engineering in which the same type of parts are identified and they are group together to take advantage of their similarities in design and production.
these parts are arranged in the form of families called part family. In each part family, parts are possess similar design or manufacturing characteristic. For example , a plant produce a 20000 different part numbers which may be able to group in 40-50 distinct families.
Group technology is beneficial and shows its efficiency when the machine is grouped or the cell is generated from production equipment to facilitate workflow.
The grouping of production equipment into machine cells, where each cell is specialize in the production of a part family, is called cellular manufacturing.

History of Group Technology:

  • In 1925, R.Flanders presented a paper in the USA before the American society of mechanical engineering in which is put a light on the way of organizing manufacturing at Jones and Lamson machine company, that we called now a days GT.
  • In 1973 Sokolovskiy explain the feature of group technology that the similar part that had the same configuration could be produced by a standard process sequence for continues flow.
  • In 1949 A korling published a paper in which he explained some principles of group technology that the work could be divided into independent groups and each group contain the machines and tooling and to produce a special category of parts.
  • In 1969 for the very first time group technology was implemented.

Conditions of group technology:

Group technology and cellular manufacturing is used in a variety of manufacturing process and it is applied mostly under these following conditions.
  • the plant are currently uses a conventional batch production and a process layout, which result in much material handling effort.it also uses a lot of high in process inventory and long manufacturing lead time where lead time is a time that is required to complete a operation.
  • In group technology, it is necessary to group a parts in part families and each machine cell is designed to manufacture a given part family.

When Group Technology Needs to be Implemented??

there are two basic task which company need to undertake before implementing the group technology in manufacturing plant.these two task are as follow……..
  • Identifying the part family the group technology base on part families and part family is a process of grouping a parts on the bases of there similarities in characteristic, shape, physical appearance or machining process.so it is one of the difficult task to make a part family and it consumes a reasonable time.
  • Rearranging the production machine into machine cell. The rearranging of machines is very time consuming and very difficult task,
  • Its need a proper planing to implement that changes because in the manufacturing plant where the process layout is implemented, all the machines are positioned and its take a time to rearrange them for the group technology. 

What are the advantages of group technology to the companies?

Group Technology  and Cellular Manufacturing

Group Technology has very importance in industrial life. before the advent of group technology companies are using a traditional methods which are less profitable.group technology has following benefits to the companies.

  • group technology promotes standardization of tooling, fixturing and setups.
  • before the advent of group technology materials are handled with a factory which results in extra work but now material handling is reduced because parts are moved with in a machine cell.
  • planing of process and scheduling of production are simplified.
  • lead time and setup time reduced which results in greater production.
  • total work content is reduced.
  • worker are satisfied because they need to work on a specified area with a specified task assign to them.
  • quality of work is improved and the high efficiency of production is achieved.


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