What is Kodi Exodus. Benefits and Limitation, How to Install It.

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Exodus is Kodi addons which is the one of the most popular that provide you a clear way to access which are looked as well as paid content from around the world. Previously the Addon could be installed through the Phoenix repository but latter this way has been closed down forever. 

It has been taken down by its designer and no longer available in the market or in online but there is still some alternative of Exodus like Exodus Redux, it is working and you can install on Kodi for watching TV shows and movies.

However, you can install Exodus addon through the Ares Wizard. This is simple in process setup and takes absolutely no time at all.

After installing Exodus through Ares Wizard, then you can easily access paid content from around the world like TV shows, Movies, Sports, etc. 

Some content is geo-restricted and you are not able to open or access it, the one solution is to use VPN to avoid geo-restriction.

Most VPNs have a need to configure them on your router. This process is time-consuming and boring. Nevertheless, you can use IvacyVPN that actually exists of its own Kodi addon so it would be comfortable for you to install it.

What is Kodi Exodus. Benefits and Limitation, How to Install It. Kodi Exodus

If you want to take advantages of Exodus addon for Kodi you must have a VPN to avoid all geo-restrictions, giving you an open way to access region-locked content from around the world.


The satisfactory benefit you’ll see with Exodus is its enormously large library and incredible circulation best. Exodus pulls from an oversized variety of assets for all the TV shows and movies listed in its information. The facts are packed with thousands of movies and television indicates masking each elegance. Maybe one in each of the best edges is that you’ll observe new unleash films and new TV application episodes in addition as a decent variety of movies and television shows geological relationship lower back many decades.

Exodus use resolver of high quality the purpose is to find the simplest and qualitative stream before delivering to it to your screen. In a case where you cannot find a stream you would receive a message, it can’t find one for you. By using Exodus, it asset to avoid several problems related with the dead by updating semi-regularly to update stream.

Additionally, you can get wind of several accounts to figure with Exodus, together with RealDebrid, Trakt, and AllDebrid.


The real limitation of Exodus is the fact that it provides streams which are demanded not providing a live TV.

How to Install Exodus Kodi Addon?

There are two ways to install Exodus on Kodi

You can install

  • You can install Exodus through the Cypher’s Locker
  • Smash Repository

If you are looking for a way that how to install Exodus on Kodi then this video tutorial will definitely help you:

Is Kodi’s Exodus Legal?

The short answer is no. In most countries, the U.S. included, streams on Exodus violate tons of copyright laws.

Exodus itself is in a murkier area. The add-on is a third-party unauthorized Kodi add-on, putting it in a moral grey area; it provides easy access to pirate content, which is the whole point. However, Exodus doesn’t actually host any of the content, so, theoretically, downloading Exodus itself is more of a gray area, while using just about any of the content available is definitely illegal.


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